I’m Lowri, a life and creative enthusiast. Learn about my journey here.

I am so delighted you have found your way here.

A place where you can begin to embrace your truth and unlock your unique potential.

This is an online sanctuary for conscious creatives, seeking beauty, joy and purpose in their life.

By sharing stories that promote balance, self-expression and heartfelt living; I hope to connect and support beautiful people, like you, who desire to live an expansive, expressive and purpose-filled life.

I had always imagined I was part of something greater than myself, that my life served a purpose.

Time spent self-reflecting and understanding people’s colourful ways, sparked the desire to understand my very own unique potential - to inspire progressive change and gentle beauty, for myself and others around me.

In 2018, I began this blog as a way to feel empowered, confident and free to live my truth and shine my light.

It became a form of creative, self-expression, supporting me - own and embrace my authentic voice. My hope is, it provides an emotional support and resource for you, helping you embrace your truth to unlock your unique potential.

I am passionate about the world of personal development, creativity and self-expression.

So much so, I have taken a leap of faith, and early next year begin my studies to become a Life Coach through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. This is another way of saying ‘Yes’ to my vision, for a purpose driven life.

Let’s join one another and travel on this beautiful journey, supporting and encouraging one another along the way.

If you are interested in creativity, self-awareness or self-expression and would like to share your voice on the blog - I’d love to hear from you.