Unleash Your Creativity

And live out your authentic dreams


And live out your authentic dreams



hellO lovelY,

I’m Lowri - I coach women who are ready to realise their ideas, express their truths, and use their unique talents to propel their creative dreams into fruition!

My work helps free you from the Inner Critic—you know…the internal chatter that tells you “you’re not enough” and often stifles your true potential—so you can find what it takes to live out your truest, most courageous and creative self.

I’m here because like
you, I’ve struggled with
my creative drive.

From not feeling good enough or living up to the hype to feeling like I needed to compete with everyone else. But once I broke past these negative, insecure thoughts, it allowed my full creative and artistic freedom to blossom—and it brought me to where I am today, ready to lend a helping hand.

It’s time to say YES. Yes to yourself, to putting YOU first, and to finding what you need to get to that next level.

My hunch is you’ve likely landed here because you’re feeling stuck

Maybe you’re in a creative rut, lacking the confidence to move forward in your personal or professional life, or being too critical of your work so it never sees the light of day. As a proud creative, I, too, have been in your shoes, and I’m ready to share my strategies and guide you to your end goal.


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